Phase 1

In view of the current epidemiological situation of the health crisis, the Government and the Autonomous Communities have agreed to relax some measures in certain territories, referred to in the SND Order/ May 9th, 2020, for the easing of certain restrictions nationwide established after the declaration of the state of emergency under Phase 1 of the Plan for the transition to a new normality.

This order will be applied in the territories that pass to Phase 1, which includes the province of Málaga of which Villanueva del Trabuco is a part of.

Vulnerable people will also be able to make use of said authorizations, provided that their clinical condition is controlled and permits them to partake, while maintaining rigorous protection measures.

Anyone who is presenting with symptoms, is under home isolation or quarantine due to a diagnosis of COVID-19 or in close contact with an affected person, may not partake of the easing of restrictions mentioned in this document.

- Whenever possible, continuing home-working will be encouraged.

- Businesses, shops, educational centres and other entities provided for in the above mentioned order from the Ministry of Health, must take the necessary steps to comply with hygiene and / or prevention measures for workers.

- This will ensure that all workers have at their disposal in the workplace, hydroalcoholic gels or disinfectants with anti-viral properties for cleaning of hands, or when this is not possible, soap and water.

- When the interpersonal safety distance of approximately two meters cannot be guaranteed, it must be ensured that workers have adequate protective equipment for the level of risk.

- These entities must make adjustment in their working schedules to avoid the risk of high numbers of people, workers or not, in spaces or workplaces during times of high volume or concentration.

- You may drive within the province, island or territorial area referred to, respecting safety and hygiene measures, as well as maintaining the minimum safety distance of at least two meters, in groups of up to ten people, although this limit will not apply between cohabitants.

- During these social interactions with non-cohabiting third parties, the safety and hygiene measures established by the health authorities must be respected: a minimum safety distance of two meters, alternative physical protection measures if this is not possible, hand hygiene and mask etiquette.

- Funeral wakes may be held with a maximum limit of 15 people in outdoor spaces or 10 people in enclosed spaces, regardless of whether they are living together. The funeral procession, burial, is restricted to a maximum of 15 people, whilst maintaining distance and hygiene measures throughout.

- Attendance at places of worship will be allowed as long as it does not exceed a third of the capacity. The safety distance of at least two meters between people will be maintained. The maximum capacity must be posted in a visible place at the place of worship.

- The reopening of premises and retail establishments with an area equal to or less than 400 square meters is allowed. (All of those in our municipality)

We at the Town Hall recommend that all PURCHASES be made WITHIN THE MUNICIPALITY, thus favoring the HEALTH of all and the LOCAL ECONOMY.

Shops and other premises must comply with the following standards:

- A máximum of 30% of the total capacity in commercial premises.

- Guarantee a minimum distance of two meters between clients.

- Priority hours for over 65s.

The Town Hall recommends allocating from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. for this priority service.

- Car dealers, ITV stations, garden centers and plant nurseries will be able to reopen to the public, preferably with an appointment system, regardless of their size.

We recommend the use of an appointment system with ALL shops.

- When the corresponding Town Halls so decide, open-air markets may reopen. With a limitation of 25% of the usual stalls, and a customer flow of less than a third of the usual capacity can be guaranteed.

In the case of Villanueva del Trabuco, the weekly market will not open yet, at least in Phase 1.

- Open-air terraces of hotels and restaurants may be reopened to the public, limiting themselves to 50% of the tables.

- The maximum occupation will be 10 people per table or group of tables.

- The terrace equipment, in particular tables, chairs, and any other contact surface, must be cleaned and disinfected between clients.

- Priority must be given to the use of single-use tablecloths and napkins, and dispensers of hydroalcoholic gels or disinfectants with anti-viral properties must be made available to the public.

- Payment by card is encouraged and the use of standard menu cards is to be avoided.

The Town Hall recommends as an alternative using QR codes or publishing the menus in digital formats.

- In the case of services that do not allow for the maintenance of interpersonal safety distance, workers must use protective equipment (PPE) appropriate to the level of risk that ensures both their protection and that of the client.


- The opening of all centers included in the Social Services Reference Catalog, approved by the Territorial Council of Social Services and the System for Autonomy and Care for Dependency, is allowed.

Although we recommend contacting personnel by phone (Social Worker Angustias- 620 06 34 09 or email Councillor Paqui-

- Educational centres and university may be opened for disinfection, preparation and the performance of administrative functions, whilst guaranteeing a physical safety distance of two meters.

Both the Primary and High School have published instructions for administrative functions, we recommend consulting these before going in person ( and contacting the centre to make an appointment.

With regards to Primary: on Tuesday the 19th they will attend to pupils who come from “Gerardo Fernández” Nursery or have never been to a nursery; on Wednesday the 20th they will attend to those who come from "Cien Caños" Nursery. Only one adult per child must attend, with a mask, their own pen, use hydroalcoholic gel that the center will provide and keep a distance of 2m (these measures are required for the High School as well).

With regards to the High School: from Monday the 18th they will attend to matters from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. by appointment, please note that the admission process is only for 1st-year students who do NOT study at CEIP López Mayor, other students will be dealt with in June as usual.

- The public attendance areas will have separation measures in place between the employees of the centers and the users.

- In all cases, the continuing of home-working, shift work regimens or other adaptation of working hours is encouraged.

- Public and private libraries may be reopened for the borrowing and return of material, also reading rooms, bibliographic and library information, with a reduction in capacity to 30%.

The Municipal Library is open in the morning only for consultation, borrowing and returns from 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

- In terms of sports practice, reopening conditions of Professional Sports Centers, outdoor sports facilities, sports centers for individual sports practice and normal training in professional leagues have been established.

Consult Town Hall publications for information on sports facilities in the village.

- You can re-engage in tourist and nature activities in groups of up to 10 people, these activities preferably must be arranged by appointment.